Seth Wolf
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Seth Wolf


Not born yet, teenager in photo

Place of Birth:

New York


Kate Argasen Wolf (Mother), Dylan Wolf (Father), Sam Wolf (Brother) Ethan Wolf (Twin






Seth with his brother, Ethan

Seth is the son of Dylan and Kate Wolf. He is an American X-Man in the Lovelyverse


Seth has steel gray eyes and blonde hair. He looks more like his father than his mother. He has a stocky and powerful build. He normally keeps his hair long.


Seth is a party animal. He loves staying out late and hanging with friends. He is also a sports maniac. He is on the cross country, basketball, and lacrosse teams at his school. He is extremely loyal to his close friends and is friendly with almost everyone. He isn't great at school, but he does well enough to get by.


Seth is the son of Dylan and Kate Wolf. His older brother is Sam Wolf. He is twins with Ethan Wolf.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Seth is a pyro kinetic, like his mom. He creates and controls fire. He creates a steel gray fire that is the same color as his eyes. He is also somewhat immune to fire. Fire won't burn his skin, but he can still feel the heat and dehydrates quickly when covered in fire.


Seth fights with his hands and powers.


Is actually really interested in sports medicine and injury prevention, but doesn't tell anyone

His greatest fear is losing his twin

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