Sarah Argassen


Sarah Argasen







Place of Birth:

London, England


Derek Argasen (Father) Chloe Argasen (Mother) John Argasen (Uncle) Sabrina Argasen (Aunt) Kate Argasen (Cousin)


Dating Zach Flint



Sarah Argasen

Sarah is a British mutant in the Lovelyverse and lives at the institute. She was dropped off there by her dad as a last resort for her bad behaviour.


Sarah was originally mean and manipulitive, not taking other people's feelings into account before acting. She is becoming nicer and more considerate. She used to be a giant flirt, and had a crush on Dylan Wolf. Sarah later started falling for Zach Flint. She is now a nicer girl, who is extremely outgoing and loves to party. She is extremely bright, but doesn't apply herself.


Sarah has shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5'7 and has a slender build.


She was born to Derek and Chloe Argasen in London, England. When she was three, her Aunt, Uncle, and supposedly her cousin all died in a car fire. Sarah's power manifested at an early age, so she occasionally got in trouble for knowing things that she shouldn't. She would read other people's thoughts and use them for blackmail and personnal gain. When she was 19, her parents sent her to Charles, hoping that he could teach her how to use her powers for good, instead of the wa she had been using them. Once at the school, she quickly learned that wha she had been doing was wrong. She now is trying to use her powers for good, but occassionally has set backs.

Powers and Abilities:Edit

Sarah hears the thoughts of everyone around her. At times, this is overpowering, and she gets massive headaches. The more she has heard of someone's thoughts, the farter away they can be for her to still be able to hear them.



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