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Sam Wolf


Samuel Wolf


Sam, Sammy


No information


Not born yet, teenager in photos

Place of Birth:

New York


Mother: Kate Argasen Wolf, Father: Dylan Wolf


No information



Sam is an American X-men in the Lovelyverse. He is the son of Dylan and Kate Wolf. He is not born yet.




Sam is tall and lanky. He has straight, blonde hair. He has blue eyes and wears glasses. He has the body of a runner, with muscular legs and torso. He is fairly tan. Often described as adorkable.


Sam is an easygoing, laid back guy. He loves to hang out with his friends. He is smart and intuitive, but doesn't apply himself fully very often. He loves to be outdoors and running. He has a slightly ADHD attitude, but does not actually have it.


Sam is not born yet, but he will be great friends with Emily LeBeau. He lives with his parents. He is part of the X-men


Sam is great friends with Emily Lebeau and is close with his mother and father.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sam can run at near supersonic speeds. Unlike his father Dylan, Sam cannot break through the soundbarrier. That doesn't mean that his powers are any less impressive. After all he can still run as fast as a car on the freeway, wich is considerably faster then most mutants and all humans. In order to run this fast, Sams senses are greatly enhanced, particularly his sense of sight, smell and sound.

In order to keep running sam has a very enhanced durability and he can run at his heighest speed for about one hour at a time. After an hour however his energy reserves are depleted and he has to eat massive amounts of food to get them back up.


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